SF-820-LF Air Reflow Machine
Posted on 09/09/2020

◇PC&Siemens PLC controlling unit with stable performance;

high precision of profile repetition can avoid product loss attributed by abnormal running of the computer.

◇Unique design of the thermal convection of the heating zones from 4 sides provides high heat efficiency;

hight  △T between 2 joins zones can avoid the temperature interference; It can shorten the temperature difference between big-size and small component and meet the soldering demand of complex PCB.


◇Forced air coolin or water cooling chiller with efficient cooling speed suits all different kinds of lead-free soldering paste.

◇Low power consumption (8-10 KWH/hour) to save the manufacture cost.

◇With complete alarms system ,failures can be listed on the PC interface.

◇KICC 24/7 option can simulate the Profile.

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