Quality Management System

Noblelink is maintaining accident-free work settings by taking up a positive attitude towards safety. We set safety management for its employees as well as the employees of partners as top priority task and is taking the lead in building accident-free work settings through continuous improvements and preventive actions in all operations of the company.

Safety Management Principle

Noblelink does its best to establish safety management system and achieve its management goals. We removes all factors that can cause possible risk for the future to make no-accident workplace. We also sets safety management goals in each workplace and performs regular monitoring.

Environmental Management System

We promotes environmentally healthy and sustainable development while minimizing environmental damages derived from production activities

Environmental Management System

Noblelink minimizes impacts in environment by preventing contamination in all areas to keep the high level environment. We make employees recognize environmental management system through regular training and participates in environment protection.

Noblelink implements continuous monitoring of environmental management system and improves the system, leading environmental management and fulfills social responsibility and roles.

Quality Management System

Quality Management System

NOBLELINK Inc., engaged in the business of manufacturing Surface Mounted Device on PCB Assembly. We are committed to achieve, sustain and enhance customer  satisfaction by continually improving the effectiveness of the Quality Management System and mutually beneficial relationship with the following groups.

CUSTOMERS – To fulfill and exceed customer needs by delivering quality in the manufactured, engineered products and services in a consistent and timely manner in accordance with their specified requirements.

SUPPLIERS – Work closely with our suppliers to ensure that the raw materials they supply or the service provided are within the required specification and quality, and with the most suitable purpose.

EMPLOYEES – To develop the competencies (both work-skills and life-skills) of employees endow with a healthy working environment for all employees and foster their continuing dedication and involvement in all aspects of our business.

Management strategy is to endeavor to create a working environment in which teamwork and commitment are encouraged and recognized.